Ryan R. Martin

I am a professor at Iowa State University and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Order, published by Springer.

My fields of interest are extremal poset theory, graph theory and extremal and probabilistic combinatorics. CV, Publications

I was a Fulbright US Scholar as part of the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program at the Alfred Rényi Institute of Mathematics in 2019. I was also a visitor of Maria Axenovich at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany via the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2020.

  • The discrete mathematics research cluster is partially supported by Research Training Grant (RTG) #1839918 from the National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • My research is partially supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation (#353292, 2015-2020) (#709641, 2020-2025)
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  2021 Summer : May 13-Aug 13
10:00 - 11:30 Research Meeting (CC)
Carver 428
    Research Meeting (CC)
Carver 428

E-mail address: rymartin@iastate.edu
WebEx room: rymartin

AMES, IOWA 50011-2104
ISU Math Office#: 515-294-1752
ISU Math Fax#: 515-294-5454
Feb 03 Virtual meeting Online, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Mar 03 Seminar talk Virginia Commonwealth University, via Zoom
F May 14 - Su May 30 Travel Champaign, IL
Oxford, OH
Mifflintown, PA
M May 17 Combinatorial Meeting of Prairie and Sky

Virtual (10:00AM to 12:46PM Central Daylight Time)
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M May 24 Central Cornfields Combinatorial Conference Virtual (10:00AM to 12:46PM Central Daylight Time)
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T May 25 Committee Meeting Zoom, 11:30AM to 12:00Noon
T-F May 25-28 CanaDAM 2021 Virtual (Eastern Daylight Time)
Registration Deadline: May 25
June 07-08 Round the World Relay in Combinatorics
  • 2AM UTC: David Wood
  • 3AM UTC: Baogang Xu
  • 4AM UTC: TBA @ Aukland, New Zealand
  • 5AM UTC: Gordon Royle
  • 6AM UTC: TBA @ IBS, South Korea
  • 7AM UTC: TBA @ Jagiellonian, Poland
  • 8AM UTC: Heng Guo
  • 9AM UTC: Annika Heckel
  • 10AM UTC: Noga Alon (5AM CDT)
  • 11AM UTC: László Lovász (6AM CDT)
  • 12PM UTC: TBA @ Bordeax, France
  • 1PM UTC: Deepak Bal
  • 2PM UTC: Dhruv Mubayi
  • 3PM UTC: James Davies
  • 4PM UTC: Jacob Fox
  • 5PM UTC: Allan Sly
  • 6PM UTC: Marcelo Campos
  • 7PM UTC: Jim Geelen
  • 8PM UTC: David Conlon 
  • 9PM UTC: Fan Chung (4PM CDT)
  • 10PM UTC: Andrew Suk
  • 11PM UTC: TBA @ Fairbanks, Alaska
Starts at 2am UTC  June 8
(CDT is -5 UTC so start is 9PM CST June 7)
Late June Final Oral Exam: Ted Tranel Virtual [Iowa State University]
M-F Jul 19-23 SIAM DM 2021
Co-located with the 2021 SIAM Annual Meeting (AN21)
Virtual (Pacific US Time)
Pre-Registration Deadline: June 21
M-F Sep 06-10 Eurocomb'21

Virtual (European Time)
Abstract Deadline: March 19
Early Registration Deadline: August 15

2022 Random Structures and Algorithms

Postponed to 2022

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