Research Projects

Simons Foundation Collaboration Travel Grant, 2018--2023 (awarded)

Critical regularity, selection dynamics, and condensation in nonlinear balance laws,: funding  National Science Foundation (2018-2021). DMS18-12666.

Recovery of High Frequency Wave Fields, Kinetic Theory of Photons and Entropy Satisfying Methods: funding  National Science Foundation (2013-2017). DMS13-12636.

KI-net: Kinetic description of emerging challenges in multiscale problems of natural sciences. National Science Foundation Research Network in Mathematical Sciences (2012-2017).

SQuaREs:  Gaussian Beam Superposition Methods for High Frequency Wave Propagation: funding AIM (American Institute of Mathematics) (2011--02013).

Geometrically Based Kinetic Approach to Multi-scale Problems:  funding  National Science Foundation (2009-2013). DMS09-07963. 

Kinetic Description of Multiscale Phenomena: Modeling, Theory and Computation: FRG Collaborative Research Grant of the National Science Foundation (2008-2011).

Multiscale Wave Dynamics in Nonlinear Balance Laws:  funding  National Science Foundation (2005-2008). DMS: 0505975.