Clifford Bergman
Mathematical Notes and Miscellaneous Objects

  1. Notes on Quasivarieties and Maltsev Products pdf
  2. Categorical equivalence and central relations, 1997.   pdf
  3. ANNTS: artifical neural network technology for steganalysis, with E. Bartlett et al.   pdf
  4. MFRC stego database, 2 DVDs, 2006. Available from Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011.
  5. A survey of available cryptosystems, Technical report, Science Applications International Corporation, 2004.   pdf
  6. Boolean Krasner algebras, 1996.   pdf
    Remarks on categorical equivalence of finite unary algebras   pdf
  7. Complex algebras of semilattices, 1996.   pdf
  8. Revitalizing engineering calculus at Iowa State University, with E. Johnston, J. Mathews, and A. Heckenbach. In "The Laboratory Approach to Teaching Calculus," (L. Leinbach et al., eds.), MAA Notes, vol. 20, Mathematical Association of America, 1991, 169-186.