Math 265: Calculus III (Calculus of Several Variables)
Fall 2017 Coordinated Course Syllabus

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Calc 1 practice (Zelinsky) *Optional* cross product notes (Zelinsky)


Lectures: Information on time, location, and instructors for the lectures and recitations is available online:
Name Email Office Help hours Sections
Steve Butler 400C M:4-6 (305); T:8-10 (385) G1-K2
Jungmin Choi 479 T:5-6; W:5-6; Th:5-6; F:5-6 G1, J1, K1
Dong (Tim) Dai 431 M:10-11; T:9-11; Th:10-11 T1, U1, V1
Richard Kramer 439 M:10-12; W:10-12; F:10-11 T1-V2
Kate Lorenzen 479 M:9-10; W:9-10; Th:3-5 W1, Y1, Z1
Kacy Messerschmidt 417 T:12-2; Th:1-2; F:12-1 N2, P2, Q2
Leoncio Rodriguez Q. 468 M:9-10; W:9-10; Th:9-10; F:9-10 N1, P1, Q1
Alexander Roitershtein 420 E1
Hal Schenck 396 M:3-4 (385); W:3-4 (385); F:1-2 (385) N1-Q2
Xingyu Tong 483 M:2-3; W:2-3; Th:10-11; F:2-3 T2, U2, V2
Eric Weber 454 D1
John Wu 483 T:2-6 G2, J2, K2
Jue Yan 484 M:1-2; W:12-2 L1
Josh Zelinsky 432 M:9:30-11:30; W:9:30-11:30; F:9:30-11:30 R1, W1, Y1, Z1

(All offices, and location of office hours, are in Carver Hall.)

Grades: The grade for the course will be determined by the cumulative percentage of scores at the end of the quarter. This is calculated by weighting the scores in the following manner:

  • 30% -- Final
  • 15% -- Test 1
  • 15% -- Test 2
  • 15% -- Test 3
  • 15% -- Quizzes
  • 10% -- Homework

    While attendance is not part of the grade, students are strongly encouraged to come and participate. Particularly on exam and quiz days.

    An overall score of 90% or better guarantees at least an A-; 80% or better guarantees at least a B-; 70% or better guarantees at least a C-; 60% or better guarantees at least a D. These thresholds might be lowered at the end of the semester. No individual exams will be curved.

    Any issues regarding grading for tests or quizzes must be addressed within two weeks of the date it was administered. After that time no score changes will be allowed. Any exam or quiz that has not been picked up by the last day of dead week might be reentered as 0 for determining the final grade.

  • Exams: There will be three in-class tests, and a common departmental final for the course.

    The departmental final is during finals week, the time and location will be announced about halfway through the semester. Do not make any travel plans that cannot be changed before the exam time has been announced. The final will be comprehensive.

    All exams are closed book and closed notes.

    Exams must be taken during the scheduled times. Makeup exams will only be given for approved reasons as outlined in departmental policies:

    Quizzes: Eleven quizzes will be given during the semester, usually at the end of a recitation. The quiz will last for 15 minutes, will be closed book and closed notes, and consist of two problems. More information about the quizzes, including the potential quiz problems is available online:

    The two lowest quiz scores will be dropped. Requests for makeup quizzes are subject to the same policies as for makeup exams.

    Homework: Homework will be done online with MyMathLab which will automatically enroll students and can be accessed via BlackBoard or Canvas. Access to the system can be purchased at the bookstore.

    There will be fourteen homework assignments. Homework assignments will be due on Fridays before midnight beginning the second week, up to and including dead week. Homework problems may be attempted as often as desired and the four lowest homework scores will be dropped. There will be no makeup homeworks available (including for computer issues).

    Objectives: The objective of this course is to extend tools and techniques of calculus to settings where the input or output can have several variables. A comprehensive list of objectives is available online:
    Textbook: Thomas' Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 12th Edition, by George Thomas, Jr., Maurice D. Weir and Joel Hass. The course will cover chapters 12-16.
    Calculators: All quiz and test questions are written so they can be done without the aid of a calculator; so no calculators will be allowed.
    SI: Supplemental Instruction (SI) is available for this course. This does not replace attending class, reading the book, and other course work. Information about SI is available online:
    Accommodations: Please address any special needs or accommodations with the instructor at the beginning of the semester and/or as soon as possible so that appropriate steps can be taken. Those seeking accommodations based on disabilities should obtain the appropriate form from the Disability Resources (DR) office (515-294-6624). DR is located on the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076.
    Academic dishonesty: Cheating is a serious offense. Students caught cheating will be reported. Cheating can result in a failing grade on the quiz, exam, and/or class.

    Any regrade request made where there is evidence of alteration to the test will be reported as cheating. To help detect such potential alteration some of the tests will be copied prior to being handed back.