Hi, my name is Hien and I am currently an assistant professor at Iowa State University.

Need to talk to me? You can → book me here ←. Please don't be shy! I love when people come say hi (and I hate sitting in my office waiting and waiting and waiting, which is usually what happens with regular office hours).

My mathematical interests lie in geometrical analysis; more specifically, I study the mean curvature flow and gluing problems involving elliptic and parabolic pdes (I use pdes to construct surfaces with interesting geometric properties). Recently, I also have become interested in free boundary problems and using gluing techniques in the setting of Einstein equations.

I got my bachelor's degree from the Free University of Brussels in the small country of Belgium and I earned my PhD from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, under the direction of professor Sigurd Angenent. When I am not working on my research or teaching, I like swimming and drawing.

Contact Information

Xuan Hien Nguyen
478 Carver Hall
Department of Mathematics
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Phone: (515) 294-8163
email: xhnguyen☺

News and current projects

Summer 2017

Two papers accepted! The first one in Advances in Mathematics and the second one in Journal for Geometry and Graphics. I will post a new version after proofreading them.

Spring 2017

My talk at the RUME conference, February 25, 2017

Fall 2016

I submitted a paper on finding shrinking doughnut via a variational method to the Journal of Geometric Analysis. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Summer 2016

I gave a 30-minute talk at the Reflections on Global Riemannian Geometry conference

I spoke at the AIMS conference in Orlando, July 1-5.

I received an AWM/NSF travel grant to attend the GSE/ADVANCE workshop in Baltimore, May 22-24. I will be presenting a poster and a special session. See you there!

Spring 2016

My paper "Mean curvature flow of entire graphs evolving away from the heat flow" with Greg Drugan was accepted in the Proceedings of the AMS. For a preprint, go the research page.

Researchwise, I have two papers in preparation, one with Stephen Kleene, one with Greg Drugan and Sigurd Angenent. Those are math papers.

I also do research in math education. I am part of a group of mathematicians and statisticians studying the "Stem Gender Gap". We are investigating questions such as:

  • What are the mathematical and statistical prerequisites that students bring to ISU and how do these a ect students' success at ISU?
  • Is a students' performance in a prerequisite course a good predictor of performance in a downstream courses?
  • What effect does the course that a student is currently taking have on future decisions the student makes during their academic career?
  • Despite being equally prepared, why do still more women than men drop out of STEM majors?

Fall 2015

  • My collaborator, Greg Drugan, and I just finished a paper on the long time behavior of entire graphs under mean curvature flow. We show that, unlike what happens in dimension 1, solutions to the MCF can behave differently from solutions to the heat flow when the initial data is a bounded entire graph over R^n, n>2.

A note about my name

My name is Vietnamese and I usually go by 'Hien'. It is pronounced 'Hain' or 'Hein' (think of saying it with a southern accent and you'll be pretty close!). Traditionally, Vietnamese people say their last name first, middle name then first name: Nguyen Xuan Hien. Filling in all the paperwork here, I had to switch the order around, but could not make myself write my name completely backwards.

What about the 'Xuan' part? There are so many people with the last name 'Nguyen', so I use it to differentiate myself from all of the other 'Hien Nguyen' out there (Hien is a pretty common first name too).