Zhijun Wu, Professor
Department of Mathematics
Iowa State University

BS, Computer Sci, Huazhong U of Sci & Tech, China, 1982
PhD, Applied Math, Rice U, USA, 1991
PostDoc, Cornell U, Argonne National Lab, 1991 - 1998

Nonlinear optimization, game theory, numerical linear algebra, linear programming, integer & combinatorial optimization, applied to mathematical biology, protein modeling, modeling of evolution and natural selection

Selected Papers:
Park J, Jernigan R, Wu Z, Coarse-grained NMR vs refined GNM for protein residue-level fluctuations, Bull Math Biol 75, 124-160, 2013

Huang Y, Wu Z, Game dynamic model for yeast development, Bull Math Biol 74, 1469-1484, 2012

Sit A, Wu Z, Solving a generalized distance geometry problem for protein structure determination, Bull Math Biol 73, 2809-2836, 2011

Department of Mathematics

Program on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Iowa State University

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