Sung-Yell Song

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  Associate Professor
  Department of Mathematics
  442 Carver Hall
  Iowa State University
  Ames, IA 50011
Telephone: (515)-294-5866
  Fax: (515)-294-5454

  Office Hours (Fall 2014):

 MWF 2:10 4:00 PM (or by appointment)



Research Interests

  • Algebraic Combinatorics; in particular, theory of association schemes; schemes are combinatorial configurations which may be viewed as generalized groups and generalized distance-regular graphs. The theory provides a foundation of an algebraic approach to error-correcting codes and combinatorial designs.
  • Interests also lie in other combinatorial and algebraic objects, such as, combinatorial designs, distance-regular graphs, codes, matrix theory, extremal set theory, cryptography, classical groups, permutation groups, loops, partially ordered sets, group characters and representations.


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Teaching Schedule

Fall 2014 (For course information go to Blackboard)

  • Introduction to Proofs (Math 201B) (Class Meeting Time & Place: MWF 12:10 -- 1:00 PM. Carver 002)
  • Design Theory and Association Schemes (Math 605) (MWF 1:10 2:00 PM, Sweeney 1160)
  • Research (Math 599) in Algebraic Graph Theory
  • Research (Math 699) in Algebraic Combinatorics


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