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These files from Fall 2001 can only be accessed when logged onto one of ISU's math department servers. If you are an instructor at another institution, you may request access by e-mailing me.

Exam 1 Material
NamePDFTEX Printer-
Other Files
Nim, Part I .pdf .tex .pdf nimfig1.eps, nimfig2.eps
Nim, Part II .pdf .tex .pdf nimfig3.eps, nimfig4.eps, nimfig5.eps, nimfig6.eps, nimfig7.eps
Basic Counting, Part I .pdf .tex .pdf
Basic Counting, Part II .pdf .tex .pdf
Basic Counting, Part III .pdf .tex .pdf coufig1.eps
Basic Counting, Part IV .pdf .tex .pdf coufig2.eps
The Pigeonhole Principle .pdf .tex .pdf pigfig1.eps
The Twelvefold Way, Part I .pdf .tex .pdf 12ffig1.eps, 12ffig2.eps
The Twelvefold Way, Part II .pdf .tex .pdf 12ffig3.eps, 12ffig4.eps, 12ffig5.eps, 12ffig6.eps
The Twelvefold Way, Part III .pdf .tex .pdf 12ffig7.eps, 12ffig8.eps, 12ffig9.eps
The Twelvefold Way, Part IV .pdf .tex .pdf 12ffig10.eps, 12ffig11.eps, 12ffig12.eps, 12ffig13.eps
The Twelvefold Way, Part V .pdf .tex .pdf 12ffig14.eps, 12ffig15.eps, 12ffig16.eps, 12ffig17.eps
Page 1 of Exam 1 .pdf .tex
Exam 1 .pdf .tex ex1fig1.eps, ex1fig2.eps, ex1fig3.eps
Exam 1 Solutions .pdf .tex ex1fig1.eps, ex1fig2.eps, ex1fig3.eps

Exam 2 Material
NamePDFTEX Printer-
Other Files
Permutations, Part I .pdf .tex .pdf permfig1.eps, permfig2.eps, permfig3.eps, permfig4.eps, permfig5.eps, permfig6.eps, permfig7.eps, permfig8.eps
Permutations, Part II .pdf .tex .pdf permfig7.eps, permfig9.eps, perfig10.eps, perfig11.eps, perfig12.eps, perfig13.eps, perfig14.eps, perfig15.eps
Permutations, Part III .pdf .tex .pdf perfig14.eps, perfig16.eps
Permutations, Part IV .pdf .tex .pdf
Inclusion-exclusion, Part I .pdf .tex .pdf inexfig1.eps, inexfig2.eps, inexfig3.eps, inexfig4.eps, inexfig5.eps, inexfig6.eps, inexfig7.eps, inexfig8.eps, inexfig9.eps, inxfig10.eps, inxfig11.eps, inxfig12.eps, inxfig13.eps
Inclusion-exclusion, Part II .pdf .tex .pdf inexcen.eps, inexdean.eps
Inclusion-exclusion, Part III .pdf .tex .pdf
Recurrence Relations, Part I .pdf .tex .pdf
Recurrence Relations, Part II .pdf .tex .pdf
Recurrence Relations, Part III .pdf .tex .pdf
Recurrence Relations, Part IV .pdf .tex .pdf recfig2.eps
Recurrence Relations, Part V .pdf .tex .pdf recfig1.eps
Recurrence Relations, Part VI .pdf .tex .pdf
Page 1 of Exam 2 .pdf .tex
Exam 2 .pdf .tex
Exam 2 Solutions .pdf .tex

Exam 3 Material
Other Files
Ordinary generating functions, Part I.pdf.tex .pdf
Ordinary generating functions, Part II.pdf.tex .pdf orgnfig1.eps, orgnfig2.eps, orgnfig3.eps, orgnfig4.eps, orgnfig5.eps, orgnfig6.eps, orgnfig7.eps
Exponential generating functions, Part I.pdf .tex .pdf
Exponential generating functions, Part II.pdf .tex .pdf
Partially ordered sets, Part I.pdf .tex .pdf posfig1.eps, posfig3.eps
Partially ordered sets, Part II.pdf .tex .pdf posfig2.eps, posfig3.eps, posfig4.eps, posfig5.eps, posfig6.eps, posfig7.eps, posfig8.eps, posfig9.eps,
Partially ordered sets, Part III.pdf .tex .pdf posfig10.eps, posfig11.eps, posfig12.eps, posfig13.eps, posfig14.eps, posfig15.eps, posfig16.eps, posfig17.eps, posfig18.eps, posfig19.eps
Partially ordered sets, Part IV .pdf .tex .pdf posfig20.eps, posfig21.eps, posfig22.eps, posfig23.eps, posfig24.eps, posfig25.eps
Partially ordered sets, Part V .pdf .tex .pdf posfig3.eps, posfig22.eps
Partially ordered sets, Part VI .pdf .tex .pdf posfig14.eps
Page 1 of Exam 3 .pdf .tex
Exam 3 .pdf .tex
Exam 3 Solutions .pdf .tex ex3fig1.eps,ex3fig2.eps,ex3fig3.eps,ex3fig4.eps

Post-Exam Material
Other Files
Partially ordered sets, Part VII .pdf .tex .pdf posfig3.eps, posfig4.eps, posfig6.eps, posfig7.eps, posfig26.eps, posfig27.eps,
Approximations, Part I .pdf .tex .pdf
Approximations, Part II .pdf .tex .pdf
Page 1 of Final Exam .pdf .tex

NamePDFTEXOther Files
Homework 1.pdf.texhw1fig.eps
Homework 1 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 2.pdf.texhw2fig.eps
Homework 2 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 3.pdf.tex
Homework 3 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 4.pdf.texex1fig1.eps, ex1fig2.eps, ex1fig3.eps
Homework 4 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 5.pdf.tex
Homework 5 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 6.pdf.tex
Homework 6 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 7.pdf.tex
Homework 7 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 8.pdf.tex
Homework 8 Solutions.pdf.tex
Homework 9.pdf.tex
Homework 9 Solutions.pdf.tex

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