Calculus I (CMU MATH 115) Archive

These files from Fall 2000 can only be accessed when logged onto one of ISU's math department servers. If you are an instructor at another institution, you may request access by e-mailing me.

DateName View DL Comments
10/25Syllabus .pdf .tex
10/25Problem Set 1 .pdf .tex
11/1Problem Set 2 .pdf .tex
11/13Exam 1 .pdf .tex
11/14Exam 1 Solutions .pdf .tex
11/14Exam 1 Makeup .pdf .tex axes.eps
11/17Problem Set 3 .pdf .tex
12/5Problem Set 4 .pdf .tex
12/6Exam 2 .pdf .tex axes.eps
12/7Exam 2 Solutions .pdf .tex
12/12Problem Set 5 .pdf .tex track.eps
12/13Problem Set 5 Solutions .pdf .tex track.eps

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