Ryan R. Martin

I am a professor at Iowa State University and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Order, published by Springer.

Documents: CV, Publications

My fields of interest are extremal poset theory, graph theory and extremal and probabilistic combinatorics.

My research is partially supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation (#353292)

Latest preprints:

Edit Distance Survey: The edit distance in graphs: methods, results and generalizations, Recent Trends in Combinatorics, 31--62, IMA Vol. Math. Appl., 159, Springer, Cham, 2016. [Errata]

Other materials:
  • Current and former students.
  • Discrete Math seminar page (maintained by Bernard Lidický).

  • E-mail address: rymartin@iastate.edu
    Office: 428 Carver HallMailing Address (ISU):
    Phone#: 515-294-1282

    AMES, IOWA 50011-2104

    ISU Math Office#: 515-294-1752
    ISU Math Fax#: 515-294-5454
    Summer 2017 Schedule: July 31-August 04
    M T W Θ F

    Research Meeting (SW)
    Carver 428

      Research Meeting (SW)
    Carver 428
    2:00pm-3:45pm   Research Meeting (ANR)
    Carver 428
      Research Meeting (ANR)
    Carver 428
    Jun 15, London School of Economics Combinatorics and Game Theory seminar talk.
    Jun 22, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Discrete Mathematics seminar talk.
    Sun-Fri Jul 16-22 Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics University of Colorado-Denver, CO
    Mon-Fri Jul 24-28

    ILAS 2017: Connections
    2017 Meeting of the International Linear Algebra Society

    Iowa State University, Ames, IA
    Mon-Thu Aug 07-10 Conference on Algebraic and Extremal Graph Theory
    An IMA conference
    My talk on Multipartite Graph Tiling
    University of Delaware, Newark, DE
    Mon Aug 21 Classwork begins
    Feb 10-11, 2018 CombinaTexas 2018
    An IMA conference
    Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
    Apr 21-22, 2018 5th Lake Michigan Workshop on Combinatorics and Graph Theory
    Tutorial Speakers: RRM, Bridget Tenner
    An IMA conference
    Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN
    May 09-10, 2018 2018 Colloquia in Combinatorics London, UK
    May 2018 Great Plains Combinatorics Conference
    An IMA conference
    University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
    May 20-Jun 02, 2018 GRWC 2018 Iowa State University, Ames, IA
    Jul 02-06, 2018

    Building Bridges II: 70th birthday conference for László Lovász
    Invited talks only
    Early Bird Registration: March 31

    Budapest, Hungary
    Sep 29-30, 2018 Fall AMS Eastern Sectional Meeting University of Delaware, Newark, DE
    Mar 22-24, 2019 Spring Central and Western Joint Sectional Meeting University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI
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    My CV (PDF) Publications Mathematics Teaching BbLearn Discrete Math Seminar
    A man would make but a sorry chemist if he attended to that department of human knowledge alone.  If your wish is to become really a man of science and not merely a petty experimentalist, I should advise you to apply every branch of natural philosophy, including mathematics.

    -- Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

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