MyLabsPlus FAQ -- Math 166, Fall 2013

Sections B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2

(1) Where do I access my MLP account?

(2) How do I log into my MLP account?

(3) How do I change my initial password?

(4) How do student access codes work?

(5) What is the difference between MyLabsPlus and MyMathLab?

(6) What is the course ID to access MyLabsPlus?

(7) What do I do when I get this error message "Customer support code:security1" ?

(8) When I use the "MyLabsPlus" Bridge link in Blackboard I get this error message "Error. Code: 105. Message: Unknown Login ID" . What do I do?

(9) Why can't I access MyLabsPlus when I registered for your course earlier today?

(10) I've tried to access my account via using my NetID as the username and last 4 digits of my Student ID number, but I still can't login. What should I do?

What if I have more questions?