Math 266/267 Section M     Fall 2012

Dr. Krishna Athreya and Dr. Miriam Castillo

Course Description and Tentative Calendar

Chapter 7 & 8 Class Notes

Important Announcements

  • Cumulative Final Exam for 267 on Wednesday Dec 12, 2012. 4:30-6:30 pm Room: Hoover 2055

  • As of now (Sept 20th) I will not accept more late Homework. Remember it is due every Tuesday By 2pm.

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  • The Math Help Room is now also available for students of Math 266 and 267. During the following hours there should be someone available in the Help Room that can answer questions about Math 266 and 267 problems.

    Monday      9-10 and 1-3
    Tuesday      9-10 and 11-1
    Wednesday      9-2 and 4-5
    Thursday      10-2
    Friday      9-11 and 12-4

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  • Supplemental Instruction Follow this link to find out about the schedule for Math 267 this semester.

  • Make-Up Policy

    If you miss an exam for valid reasons, make sure you take a make up exam no later than a week after the exam you missed. It is your responsibility to make sure this happens, you ought to remind us not we have to remind you.

    Grading Policy

    Course grades will be determined from student performance on weekly homework, exams and quizes.

    For those enrolled in MATH 267 There will be four exams: three 50 minute in-class exams and a final exam. All exams will be written by the instructor. The final exam will be given during the week of final exams.

    For those enrolled in MATH 266, there will be four 50 minute in-class exams, but only two of those are midterms and the final will consist of two parts. The fourth exam (the second part of the final exam) will also be taken during class time, at a different location (room to be announced). After this fourth exam, around November 8th, those enrolled in MATH 266 will be dismissed.

    For everybody : The three in-class exams, which are indicated on the tentative calendar, will be given during the hour normally used for lecture. Each of the midterm exams will test only the material covered since the previous exam. The final exam will be a cummulative exam. All of the exams will consist of problems similar to the homework problems assigned throughout the semester.

    Homework will be assigned on a daily basis. The daily homework assignments of a given week will be collected the Tuesday of the following week.

    The Homework, Quizzes and Exams will be weighted as follows:

    For 266 Students:              For 267 Students:

    Homework (40 pts each) 5%                   Homework (40 pts each) 5%
    Quiz 1 (40 pts) 5% Quiz 1 (40 pts) 5%
    Quiz 2 (40pts) 5% Quiz 2 (40pts) 5%
    Exam 1 (60 pts) 20% Exam 1 (60 pts) 15%
    Exam 2 (60 pts) 20% Exam 2 (60 pts) 15%
    Final Exam (120 pts) 45% Exam 3 (60 pts) 15%
    Final Exam (120 pts) 40%

    Tentative Grading Schema

    (according to the class average the thresholds might be slightly lowered for each letter grade)

    Chapter 7 & 8 Class Notes

  • Notes for 7.1/7.2
  • Notes for 7.3
  • Notes for 7.4/7.5
  • Notes for 7.6 Nov 26
  • Notes for 7.6 Nov 27
  • Notes for 7.7 Nov 29 (plus a final example from 7.6)
  • Notes for 7.8 Nov 30
  • Notes for 8.1/8.2 Dec 3
  • Notes for 8.2/8.3 Dec 4 & 6

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