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MWNA Day 2010


Program Outline

The 2010 conference will take place on April 24 and 25, 2010. The meeting will be a day and a half in length, all day Saturday and half a day on Sunday.

On Saturday, talks begin in the morning and end in the late afternoon. We will make arrangements for a social hour and dinner on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, talks again begin in the morning and end at noon, to allow participants time to travel back to their institutions.

Each half-day session will begin with a plenary talk by an invited speaker. The rest of the program will consist of contributed talks in two parallel sessions (five talks per block, 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions per talk), for a total of 30 contributed talks.

Electronic files for the talks will be collected after the conference and posted on a permanent conference web site at Iowa State University.


Internet Access

ISU offers seven day free access to wireless internet. Full instructions are at Tthe short form is this: connect to the campus network; open your web browser; go to; fill out the questionnaire that appears; reboot when it tells you to do that.


Program Details

Download the program and abstracts as a PDF file.


Saturday, April 24
Check-in and Refreshments
Carver Hall Lobby
Welcoming Remarks
Carver 101
Plenary Talk 1:
Asymptotic-preserving schemes for kinetic and hyperbolic problems with stiff sources
Shi Jin, UW-Madison
Carver 101
Coffee Break
Carver Hall Lobby

Session 11 (Carver 202):
A spectral method for an elliptic eigenvalue problem
Kendall Atkinson (UI)
Matrix-free iterative methods for cone complementarity problems appearing in differential variational inequalities
Mihai Anitescu (ANL)
A fast accurate boundary integral method for the Laplace equation
Wenjun Ying (MTU)
Online strategies for control architectures using differential variational inequality techniques
Victor Zavala (ANL)
Traveling wave solutions to coupled spatially discrete reaction diffusion equations
Charles Lamb (KU)

Session 12 (Carver 204):
Asymptotically exact a posteriori error estimates for a one- dimensional linear hyperbolic problem
Mahboub Baccouch (UN-Omaha)
Kinetic flux vector splitting schemes for quantum hydrodynamics
Jingwei Hu (UW-Madison)
A level set approach for dilute fluid-particle flows
Zhongming Wang (UCSD)
Quadrature method of moments for gas-particle flows and their extension to the dense limit
Alberto Passalacqua (ISU-ChemM)
A level set method for the semiclassical limit of the Schrödinger equation with discontinuous potentials
Dongming Wei (UW-Madison)

Carver 202, 204
Lunch on your own

Plenary Talk 2:
Efficient, reliable, and robust a posteriori error estimators of recovery type
Zhiqiang Cai (Purdue)

Carver 101
Coffee Break
Carver Hall Lobby

Session 21 (Carver 202):
Extensions of diffeomorphisms of small distortion in Euclidean and Hilbert space and their applications to rigid data alignment and medical imaging
Steve Damelin (GS)
A variation of the direct discontinuous Galerkin method for diffusion problem with symmetric/antisymmetric structures
Chad Vidden (ISU)
A posteriori error estimates of discontinuous Galerkin methods for obstacle problems
Joe Eichholz (UI)
An Eulerian surface hopping method for the Schrödinger equation with conical crossings
Peng Qi (UW-Madison)
An all-speed asymptotic-preserving scheme for the low Mach number limit of the isentropic Euler and Navier-Stokes

Jeffrey Haack (UW-Madison)

Session 22 (Carver 204):
Using Groebner basis techniques to design Runge-Kutta formulas
Roger Alexander (ISU)
Hybrid Runge-Kutta and BFGS algorithms
Darin Mohr (UI)
Multi-level algorithms for infinite-dimensional integration on Rn
Ben Niu (IIT)
Backward error analysis for Gauss-Lobatto SPARK methods applied to contrained Hamiltonian systems
Scott Small (UI)
The singular value decomposition for orthogonally decomposable tensors
Ken Driessel (ISU)

Carver 202, 204
Conference Reception at Olde Main Brewpub on Main Street
Appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks provided
Sunday, April 25
Plenary Talk 3:
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving the radiative transfer equation and variational inequalities
Weimin Han (University of Iowa)
Carver 101
Coffee Break
Carver Hall Lobby

Session 31 (Carver 202):
Approximate Fourier solutions of nonlinear stochastic heat equations with Q-regular additive noise
Henri Schurz (SIU)
Sequential Monte Carlo method in chemical safety assessment
Xiaoyan Zeng (ANL)
Approximating stable and unstable manifolds of 2D stochastic dynamical systems via reproducing kernels
Qi Ye (IIT)
A new superfast and stable Toeplitz solver
Jianlin Xia (Purdue)
Step-flow during deposition on surfaces with staircase morphologies: Discrete 2D deposition-diffusion equation analysis
David M. Ackerman (ISU)

Session 32 (Carver 204):
Mesh optimization based on optimal Delaunay triangulations
Long Chen (UCI)
A two-scale multiple scattering problem
Peijun Li (Purdue)
Anisoptropic mesh adaptation method based upon a posteriori error estimates
Lennard Kamenski (KU)
Fast algorithms for kernel-based scattered data approximation
Guohui Song (IIT)
An anisotropic mesh adaptation method for the fi nite element solution of heterogeneous anisotropic diffusion problems
Xianping Li (KU)

Carver 202, 204
Concluding Remarks and Farewell
Carver 101