College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics


MWNA Day 2010



The conference is free of charge. However, registration is requested in order to prepare name tags, conference packets and refreshments.

To register, send email to with subject line "attend MWNA". Please include your full name, your institution and your email address in the body of the message. If you would like to present a talk, send your abstract to the same address.

To receive future mailings about this conference, please join the MWNA mailing list by sending an email with the subject line "subscribe" to

Registrations received as of Friday, April 16, 2010:

(* = speaker, ** = plenary speaker)

** Zhiqiang Cai Purdue University
** Weimin Han  University of Iowa
** Shi Jin University of Wisconsin - Madison
* David Ackerman Iowa State University
* Roger Alexander Iowa State University
* Mihai Anitescu Argonne National Laboratory
* Kendall Atkinson   University of Iowa
* Mahboub Baccouch University of Nebraska - Omaha
* Long Chen University of California - Irvine
* Steve Damelin  Georgia Southern University 
* Ken Driessel Iowa State University
* Joe Eichholz University of Iowa
* Jeffrey Haack University of Wisconsin -Madison 
* Jingwei Hu  University of Wisconsin - Madison 
* Lennard Kamenski University of Kansas
* Charles Lamb University of Kansas
* Peijun Li Purdue University
* Xianping Li University of Kansas
* Darin Mohr University of Iowa
* Ben Niu Illinois Institute Of Technology
* Alberto Passalacqua Iowa State University
* Peng Qi  University of Wisconsin - Madison 
* Henri Schurz Southern Illinois University
* Scott Small University of Iowa
* Guohui Song Illinois Institute of Technology
* Chad Vidden  Iowa State University
* Zhongming Wang University of California - San Diego
* Dongming Wei University of Wisconsin - Madison
* Jianlin Xia  Purdue University
* Qi Ye Illinois Institute Of Technology
* Wenjun Ying Michigan Technological University
* Victor Zavala Argonne National Lab
* Xiaoyan Zeng Argonne National Lab
Mohamed Badawy University of Kansas
Amlan Barua Illinois Institute Of Technology
Man Basnet Iowa State University
Shavila Devi Illinois Institute of Technology 
Greg Fasshauer Illinois Institute of Technology
Steven Hou Iowa State University
Qing Huangfu Illinois Institute of Technology
Laurent Jay University of Iowa
Xingye Kan Illinois Institute of Technology
Fritz Keinert  Iowa State University
Nicole Kingsley Iowa State University
Qin Li University of Wisconsin - Madison
Shuwang Li Illinois Institute of Technology
Xiaofan Li Illinois Institute of Technology
Yiou Li Illinois Institute Of Technology
Hailiang Liu Iowa State University
Fernando Miranda-Mendoza Iowa State University
Nattapol Ploymaklam Iowa State University
Maksym Pryporov Iowa State University
Paul Sacks Iowa State University
Jie Shen Purdue University
Qiwei Sheng University of Iowa
Sevim Simsek Iowa State University
Xu Sun Illinois Institute Of Technology
Chunquan Tang  Iowa State University
Dave Voss Western Illinois Univ.
Li Wang University of Wisconsin - Madison
Min Wang Iowa State University
Jue Yan Iowa State University
Hui Yu Iowa State University
You Yu Illinois Institute of Technology
Yizhi Zhang Illinois Institute Of Technology
Wen Zhou Iowa State University
Zhennan Zhou University of Wisconsin - Madison