Week 8


This week, we will cover the first two sections of Chapter 3, and Linear Inequalities in section 1-1. Specifically, we will look at

Those are fairly simple sections, and the corresponding homeworks are easy.

Simple and compound interest are each expressed by a certain equation with four variables. If you know three of them, you can solve for the fourth. You just have to learn to recognize what it is that is being asked, as well as being proficient with manipulating the equations. The algebra review and the sections on exponentials and logarithms will come in very handy here.

The material on linear inequalities is a preparation for chapter 5. It really belongs with the material for next week, but the next two weeks will probably be the hardest of the term, and contain the most material, so we moved this material up.


Read the textbook and do the homework assignment HW 6.

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015