Math 150
Lab (Office) Hour Schedule

TAs Course Administrator

Lab (Office) Hours

The following schedule shows you when help is available for Math 150. You can do your homework at these hours in Carver 449, but not take exams.

If you plan to take an exam, or do your homework in a lab, check the latest schedules for 250 and 449 to be sure that a lab is open.

If you show up and the lab is unexpectedly closed, look for a note on the door. Try the other lab. If both labs are closed when they are supposed to be open, see if you can find Nicholas Payne in Room 421, or go to the Math office in 396. If such an unexplained closing occurs, let the course administrator know about it.

If you arrive on a weekend and find the building locked up when it is supposed to be open, call Campus Security ( 294-4428). They are not the fastest. While you are waiting, try all 5 doors (one is downstairs by the loading dock), or see if someone with a key happens to come by.

Carver 449 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
8:00-9:00AM   Susan Ann Tim Susan Ann Tim
9:00-10:00AM Peimeng Susan Ann Peimeng Susan Ann Tim
10:00-11:00AM Tetiana Susan Ann Tetiana Susan Ann  
11:00-12:00AM Susan Ann

Alex (10:00-12:00) Office hours in Carver 461

Susan Ann

Alex(10:00-12:00 ) Office hours in Carver 461

12:00-1:00PM Alex   Tetiana    
1:00-2:00PM Alex   Alex    
2:00-3:00PM Alex   Alex    
3:00-4:00PM O'Neill   Tetiana    
4:00-5:00PM O'Neill   Tetiana    
5:00-6:00PM Tim   Tetiana    
6:00-7:00PM Tim        

Office Hours For Course Administrator

Jun Pan : T 9-11am, R 9-10am or by appointment, Carver 384, 294-6959

Help Available for Students

Dr Pan is the course administrator. She is not the instructor in the usual sense.

Dr Pan handles anything computer-related. Contact her if you have problems getting into the course web site, if there is a broken link on a web site, an incorrect problem on a test, your scores are recorded incorrectly, or any other kind of computer or web site-related problem. She also handles all other administrative questions, such as add/drop signatures, permission for make-up exams, special accommodations, etc.

The TAs handle the actual teaching of materials, and are available to help you with the mathematics, go over homework or exam problems, etc. They can also answer many computer questions. You can meet any TA during the lab hours, no matter which section you are in.

You can also get some help from Math Help Room

TAs Course administrators

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