Graduate Courses in Number Theory
1.      Math690Z  Galois Theory and Commutative Algebra on Fall 2004
2.      Math690Z  Number Theory (elementary and algorithmic number theory) on Spring 2005.
3.      Math 690G Number theory (Topics on algebra and number theory) on Spring 2006
     4     Math690G Algebraic Number Theory, Spring 2008
     5.   Math580G  Number Theory, Spring 2011
Undergraduate Course in Number Theory
Math350 (Com.S350) Elementary number theory and its applications
Combinatorics/Algebra/Number Theory Seminar Schedule
List of recent number theory talks at Iowa State University
1.      Winnie Li (Pennsylania State University), Ramanujan graphs and Ramanujan hypergraphs, Dec. 2003
2.      Min Ho Lee (University of Northern Iowa), Automorphic forms Oct, 2004
3.      Verrill (Louisiana State University), Toric Calabi-Yau threefolds, April 2004
4.      Chamberland (Grinnell college), Many faces of Pi, May 2004
5.      Ken Ono  (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Number Theory: Partitions and the Legacy of Dyson and Ramanujan, Distinguished Miller lecture, Nov. 2004
6.      Karl Mahlburg (University of Wisconsin-Madison) The Andrews-Garvan-Dyson crank and proofs of partition congruences.April 2005
7.      Charles Doran (University of Washington, Seattle) String theory and mathematics. April 2005
10.      Stephanie Treneer (UIUC), Congruences for the coefficients of weakly holomorphic modular forms, April 2005
11.      Yangbo Ye (University of Iowa) Prime number theory for automorphic L-functions, Sep. 2005
12.      Jerome W. Hoffman (Louisiana State University) Modular forms on noncongruence subgroups and the Atkin and Swinnerton-Dyer relations. And Zeta functions of graphs. Oct. 2005
14.      Raghuram, (U of Iowa), Special Values of L-functions  Nov. 2005
15.      Ye Tian, (McGill University), Rational Points on Twisted Fermat Curves Mar. 2006
16.      Bruce Berndt (UIUC), The Five Strangest, most fascinating, most interesting results from Ramanujan's lost notebook Mar. 2006
17.      Bruce Berndt (UIUC) Ramanujan’s Lost Notebook. Joint Math-Computer Colloquium, March 2006.
18.      Jayce Getz (University of Wisconsin) Hilbert modular forms, intersection homology, and base change. April 2006.
19.   Kathrin Bringmann (University of Wisconsin) Freeman Dyson’s “Challenge for the Future”: The mock theta functions. April 2006
20.   Muthu Krishnamurthy (University of Iowa) Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory: The principle of functoriality, Oct. 10, 2006
21.   Tong Liu (University of Pennsylvania), Finite flat representations and finite flat group schemes, Feb, 5 2007
22.   Bin Zhang, (Sichuan University), Multiple zeta values at negative arguments, March 5, 2007
23.   Tim Huber (UIUC) Generalized Rogers-Ramanujan Series, March 21, 2007
24.   Neal Koblitz, (University of Washington), The Strange Relation of Mathematics to Cryptography March 27, 2007 (Some photos)
25.   Matt Pananikolas, Texas A&M , Hypergeometric functions over finite fields, counting points, and modular forms April 3, 2007
26.  Mehmet Haluk Sengun (University of Wisconsin-Madison), The abstract Galois group of quadratic fields, Jan. 28, 2008
27.  Ae Ja Yee, Penn. State University, April 2008
28.  George Andrews, Penn. State University, April 2008
29.  Tim Gillespie, (University of Iowa), Feb. 2009.
30.  Henri Darmon, (McGill University), April 2009.
31.  Jennifer Paulhus, (Kansas State University), Oct. 2009.
32.  Qiao Zhang, Texas Christian University, Sep. 2010.
33.  Dermot McCarthy, Texas A&M, April 2011
34.  Luanlei Zhao, Wisconsin, April 2011
35.  Bin Zhao, Sichuan University, Oct. 2011
36.  Jianqiang Zhao, Eckerd College, Oct. 2011
37.  Liang Xiao, Chicago, Dec. 2011