ISU Linear Algebra Seminar

In Spring 2005 the Linear Algebra Seminar combined with the Discrete Math/Theory of Conmputing Seminar to for the Discrete Math Seminar

This page contain information on the Linear Algebra Seminar from prior semesters.

The Linear Algebra Seminar at Iowa State University is an eclectic mix of topics, all related to matrices or linear operators.
Presentations vary with the speaker and include the speaker's research, related research by others, and expository talks. If the
semester has a theme, approximately half the talks during the semester relate to the theme.

Past Lectures

Fall 2004

Spring 2004 Theme: Spectral Graph Theory/Inverse Eigenvalue Problem of a Graph

The graph G(A) of a real symmetric matrix A has vertices {1,...,n}, and as edges the unordered pairs {i,j} such that ai j  is nonzero (with distinct i, j).  In recent years there has been a great deal of interest in the possible eigenvalues of a real symmetric matrix whose nonzero entries are described by a given graph, especially a tree (i.e., a connected graph with no cycles).  The question of possible eigenvalues is referred to as the Inverse Eigenvalue Problem.  Many of the talks this semester will focus on the Inverse Eigenvalue Problem and related concepts.  Additional talks will explore other aspects of spectral graph theory including the spectra of various matrices associated with a graph.




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