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Woman have historically been under-represented in the mathematical sciences.  The goal of EDGE (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) is strengthening the ability of women students, especially those in minority groups, to successfully complete graduate programs in the mathematical sciences. EDGE has operated a successful summer bridge program for more than ten years. Continued mentoring has always been an essential ingredient of the summer program, and recently EDGE expanded its mentoring component to include regional Mentoring Clusters.

The EDGE Mentoring Clusters address the need for continued mentoring for advanced graduate students, post-doctoral associates, and junior faculty.  The clusters facilitate the mentoring of junior women by senior women and the mentoring of graduate students by faculty. The cluster gatherings and relationships provide members with a forum to discuss academic and non-academic issues that may impact their careers.

The Iowa EDGE Mentoring Cluster, EDGE@ISU includes graduate students, post-doctoral associates and faculty in the Iowa State University Departments of Mathematics and Statistics.  The cluster is led by Leslie Hogben, Professor of Mathematics and Karin Dorman, Associate Professor of Statistics; for questions about the cluster please contact Leslie.

EDGE@ISU Outreach

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EDGE@ISU Presents: Mathematics and Statistics Opportunities for Undergraduates Conference webpage

EDGE@ISU at Science Center of Iowa's Girls in Science

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