Lie Theory Seminar at ISU

Dynkin diagrams

When and where?

We meet Fridays 3:10pm-4:00pm in Carver 204. For more information, please contact Jonas Hartwig (, Carver 470).


Topics we might talk about in this seminar include

Reading material

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Schedule Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title Relevant Links
01/20/17 Mark Hunacek Modular Lie algebras Benkart Rumynin
01/27/17 J.H. Simple weight modules over Lie algebras Mathieu
02/03/17 J.H. Parabolic induction Fernando
02/10/17 J.H. Gelfand-Tsetlin Bases Lecture Notes
02/17/17 N/A No Seminar
02/24/17 Ben Sheller Lie group actions and stratified spaces Lecture Notes
03/03/17 J.H. Unitarizable representations Lecture Notes
03/10/17 J.H. Weight modules over noncommutative Kleinian fiber products Lecture Notes Paper1 Paper2

Schedule Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title Relevant Links
9/14/16 Organizational meeting This webpage!
9/23/16 No meeting
9/30/16 J.H. Lie algebras and homomorphisms;
Examples; Classification problem
10/7/16 No meeting
10/14/16 J.H. Root space decomposition for sl(3) Notes to be posted
10/21/16 J.H. Classification of simple Lie algebras Notes-3
10/24/16 J.H. [Alg/Comb Sem] Lie superalgebras and super-differential operators I Notes-4 Kac Serganova
10/31/16 J.H. [Alg/Comb Sem] Lie superalgebras and super-differential operators II Notes to be posted
11/4/16 J.H. What about E9? Kac-Moody algebras. Notes-6
11/11/16 Tathagata Basak Reflection groups I Notes-7
11/18/16 Tathagata Basak Reflection groups II
11/25/16 Thanksgiving week, no talk
12/2/16 Animesh Biswas The Heisenberg group and its representations