Lie Theory Seminar at ISU

Dynkin diagrams

When and where?

We meet Fridays 3:10pm-4:00pm in Carver 204. For more information, please contact Jonas Hartwig (, Carver 470).

Upcoming talk 4/28/2017

Adnan Abdulwahid (ISU): Nakayama Functor and Quiver Representations

We study the behavior of the Nakayama functor when applied to an indecomposable projective representation of Quivers. We show that the restriction of Nakayama functor to projQ is an equivalence of categories projQ ---> injQ.


Topics we might talk about in this seminar include

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Schedule Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title Relevant Links
01/20/17 Mark Hunacek Modular Lie algebras Benkart Rumynin
01/27/17 J.H. Simple weight modules over Lie algebras Mathieu
02/03/17 J.H. Parabolic induction Fernando
02/10/17 J.H. Gelfand-Tsetlin Bases Lecture Notes
02/17/17 N/A No Seminar
02/24/17 Ben Sheller Lie group actions and stratified spaces Lecture Notes
03/03/17 J.H. Unitarizable representations Lecture Notes
03/10/17 J.H. Weight modules over noncommutative Kleinian fiber products Lecture Notes Paper1 Paper2
03/17/17 N/A No seminar (Spring break)
03/24/17 J.H. Tensor products of representations
03/31/17 N/A No seminar
04/07/17 Miodrag Iovanov On Incidence Algebras and their Representations Abstract
04/14/17 N/A No seminar
04/21/17 N/A No seminar
04/28/17 Adnan Abdulwahid Nakayama Functor and Quiver Representations

Schedule Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title Relevant Links
9/14/16 Organizational meeting This webpage!
9/23/16 No meeting
9/30/16 J.H. Lie algebras and homomorphisms;
Examples; Classification problem
10/7/16 No meeting
10/14/16 J.H. Root space decomposition for sl(3)
10/21/16 J.H. Classification of simple Lie algebras Notes-3
10/24/16 J.H. [Alg/Comb Sem] Lie superalgebras and super-differential operators I Notes-4 Kac Serganova
10/31/16 J.H. [Alg/Comb Sem] Lie superalgebras and super-differential operators II
11/4/16 J.H. What about E9? Kac-Moody algebras. Notes-6
11/11/16 Tathagata Basak Reflection groups I Notes-7
11/18/16 Tathagata Basak Reflection groups II
11/25/16 Thanksgiving week, no talk
12/2/16 Animesh Biswas The Heisenberg group and its representations