Below is a link to the notes that Bart Snapp and I have compiled and typeset from Prof. Dutta's Commutative Algebra course Math 502 at the University of Illinois. It is our hope that they will help students, especially those in Math 502 right now. We ask that you please reserve them for personal use. Also, there are likely to still be errors so if you do read through it and find some problems, let us know! We're both happy to discuss the notes (or commutative algebra in general) and any comments you have about them.


Below is a link to the notes I wrote to accompany a series of 6 lectures given at the Sophus Lie Conference Center in Nordfjordeid, Norway as part of a Workshop on the Homological Aspects of Commutative algebra organized by Petter Andreas Bergh (Trondheim), Gunnar Fl√łystad (Bergen), Kristian Ranestad (Oslo). The lectures cover some of the recent developments concerning the Eisenbud-Goto Conjecture and Stillman's Question on projective dimension. Three problem sets were discussed during the problem sessions.

[Nordfjordeid 2017 Notes]
[Problem Set 1]
[Problem Set 2]
[Problem Set 3]