Combinatorics/Algebra Seminar: Spring 2003 Archive

April 28
Sungyell Song: Graph spectra and the discrete Fourier transform.
April 21
Maria Axenovich: Report from the AMS Bloomington Meeting.
April 14
Tom Daniels: Divide and trace methods for tracing network traffic.
(Joint work with Mikhail Atallah.)

Abstract: Most previous approaches to passively tracing network traffic have taken
a simple directed search approach. We introduce two techniques that
take advantage of the topology of the network to reduce the time
necessary to perform the trace. This has important implications for the
amount of storage needed in a network and the response time needed for
the trace to be successful. We will also describe our ongoing and
future work in this area.

April 7
Christian Roettger: Periodic points in Markov shifts
- or: meet the world's two weirdest primes!


March 31
Alex Burstein: The kernel method.
March 24
Ruben Aydinyan: Hensel lifts (Part II).
March 3
Ruben Aydinyan: Hensel lifts.
February 10
Maria Axenovich: On graph coloring extensions.

Abstract: We prove an old conjecture of Albertson on extending
list-colorings and proper colorings from precolored
set of vertices with large pairwise distance.

February 3
Anna Romanowska: Embedding modes into semi-modules.
January 27
Jonathan Smith: Group characters, crossed products, and non-associative categories.

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