Combinatorics/Algebra Seminar: Fall 2001 Archive

December 10
Maria Axenovich: Open problems in graph coloring
December 3
Maria Axenovich: On edge-coloring of graphs under local and global constraints
November 12
David Fernandez-Baca: Consensus properties of a new supertree construction method
November 5
Zhijun Wu: Solving the double digestion problem as a mixed-integer linear program
October 15, 22, 29
Sung-Yell Song: Products of association schemes
October 9
Petr Vojtechovsky: Automorphism groups of loops
October 8
Petr Vojtechovsky: Webs and simple Moufang loops I: Webs
September 24, October 1
Jonathan Smith: Ternary orthogonal and Grassmann algebras
September 17
Ji Young Choi: Uni-modality of numbers
September 10
Alex Burstein: Forbidden patterns and certain combinatorial quantities

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