Combinatorics/Algebra Seminar

The seminar meets Mondays at 4.10 pm in Carver 274.
If you or a guest wish to talk, please visit the Post Office.

March 5
Gene B. Kim (University of Southern California): Distribution of descents in matchings.

The distribution of descents in certain conjugacy classes of  Sn  have been previously studied, and it is shown that its moments have interesting properties. This talk provides a bijective proof of the symmetry of the descents and major indices of matchings (also known as fixed point free involutions) and uses a generating function approach to prove an asymptotic normality theorem for the number of descents in matchings.

January 29
Shuvra Gupta: to be announced.

January 22
Candidate talk: no seminar.

January 15
King Day: no seminar.

January 8
Jorge Chavez-Salas: Fuzzy logic fundamentals.

The fundamental concepts and results of fuzzy logic theory will be introduced from an algebraic and logical point of view, and a very simple but original application to human behavior (mathematical psychology or cognitive science in this case) will be presented.

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