Time: 2:10-3:00pm Tuesdays       Place: 401 Carver

The Discrete Mathematics Seminar at Iowa State University is an eclectic mix of topics, including graph theory, combinatorics, linear algebra and abstract algebra. Presentations vary with the speaker and include the speaker's research, related research by others, and expository talks. Many of the expository talks (typically labeled as "Introduction to") are suitable for interested faculty and graduate students who are not specialists in the area.

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Bernard Lidicky
(lidicky AT iastate DOT edu)

Some talks are recorded and available to public on Youtube

Spring 2017 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Aug 22 First introductory meeting
Aug 29 Riste Škrekovski TBA
Sep 5 Sung-Yell Song TBA
Sep 12 Ping Hu TBA
Sep 19
Sep 26 Alex Shulte? Prelim?
Oct 3
Oct 10
Oct 17
Oct 24
Oct 31
Nov 7 Sung-Yell Song TBA
Nov 14
Nov 21 Thanksgiving
Nov 28 Abhishek Methuku TBA
Dec 5
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Aug 29, 2017.

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