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Here are some links to a few pages of common mathematical formulas. The instructions below are written for a user in the Mathematics Computer Lab at Iowa State University. If you are accessing these files from a different location, you may need to follow different steps to view and/or print these files.

  • PDF Files - These files can be displayed by Adobe Acrobat Reader. In the Mac Lab, Adobe Acrobat is available and will be accessed automatically by your web browser. Click on the links below and the computer will open Acrobat to display the file.
  • PS Files - PostScript files can be sent directly to the printer. In the Mac Lab, click on the links to save the file to the desktop. You can then drag the file to DropPS (in Utilities) or double-click the file icon to send it directly to a printer.

This collection was compiled by Addy Ajmera.

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Last updated: October 18, 2000