Requirements for Graduate Students in Information Assurance with a Home Department of Mathematics

A student whose home department is Mathematics who wishes to earn an M.S. in Information Assurance must accumulate 30 acceptable credits, with at least 22 of these earned in residence. The total of 30 credits must include at least 12 hours of 500 - 600 level mathematics courses, excluding Math 599 and Math 699.  Each student must elect a thesis or non-thesis masters program. For the thesis program, 4 - 6 credits of Math 699 may be included in the 30 hours. The non-thesis program requires a creative component including a formal paper appropriate to Information Assurance. Three credits of Math 599 may be included in the 30 credits for the creative component; these credits must be identified on the program of study.

Core course requirements:

The Program of Study must include the following:

    Mathematics Courses:

        Math 504

        Math 505 or Math 510

        Math 533 or Math 535

    Information Assurance Courses:

        InfAs 530

        InfAs 531

        InfAs 534

Major professor:

Upon entering the Information Assurance Program, the student will be assigned a temporary major professor. The student should choose a permanent major professor and form a POS committee before the beginning of the third semester of study. The major professor must be a member of both the Information Assurance faculty and the faculty of the Mathematics Department.

Sample Program of Study for an Information Assurance student in Mathematics

Semester 1 (Fall):
Math 504 Abstract Algebra
InfAs 531 Information System Security
InfAs 530 Advanced Computer Networking
Semester 2 (Spring):
Math 505 Abstract Algebra
Math 533 Cryptography or Math 535 Steganography
InfAs 532 Information Warfare or InfAs 536 Computer and Network Forensics
Semester 3 (Fall):
Math 501 Introduction to Real Analysis or Math 510 Linear Algebra
Math 605 Design Theory and Association Schemes
Math 699 Research
Semester 4 (Spring):
Math 606 Enumerative Combinatorics
InfAs 534 Legal and Ethical Issues in Computer Security
Math 699 Research