Math 201 - Introduction to Proofs

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MATH 201. Introduction to Proofs.
(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S. Prereq: MATH 166 or MATH 166H
Logic and techniques of proof including induction. Communicating mathematics. Writing proofs about sets, functions, real numbers, limits, sequences, infinite series and continuous function.


book coverHammack
Book of Proof
ISBN: 9780989472104

book coverLebl
Basic Analysis: Introduction to Real Analysis
ISBN: 9780161400000



[BP] refers to the book Book of Proof. [BA] refers to the book Basic Analysis.

Chapter & Sections Topics Time
Sets 3-4 days
[BP] §§1.1-8: Sets
([BA] §0.3: Basic Set Theory)
Logic 4-7 days
[BP] Chapter 2: Logic  
Direct Proof 1-3 days
[BP] Chapter 4: Direct Proof  
Proof by Contrapositive 1-2 days
[BP] Chapter 5: Proof by Contrapositive  
Proof by Contradiction 1-2 days
[BP] Chapter 6: Proof by Contradiction  
Proving Non-Conditional Statements 1-2 days
[BP] Chapter 7: Proving Non-Conditional Statements  
Proofs Involving Sets 1-3 days
[BP] Chapter 8: Proofs Involving Sets  
Disproof 1-2 days
[BP] Chapter 9: Disproof  
Mathematical Induction 2-4 days
[BP] Chapter 10: Mathematical Induction
Chapters 11-12: Functions and Relations 2-4 days
[BP] §11.0: Relations Between Sets
[BP] Chapter 12: Functions
Cardinality 1-2 days
[BP] Chapter 13: Cardinality  
Real Numbers 2-4 days
[BA] § 1.1: Ordered Sets, Fields, Ordered Fields
[BA] § 1.2: Completeness, Archimedean Property
[BA] §1.3: Uncountability of ℝ
Sequences and Series 4-7 days
[BA] Chapter 2: Sequences and Series  
Limits and Continuity 1-3 days
[BA] §§3.1-2: Limits of Functions, Continuous Functions  


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