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Steve Butler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University (ISU). Prior to coming to ISU he did a three year NSF PostDoc under the supervision of Benny Sudakov at UCLA. Before that he earned his doctorate degree in mathematics at UC San Diego under the supervision of Fan Chung. In addition he has worked extensively with Ron Graham. His primary mathematical interests are spectral graph theory, enumerative combinatorics, mathematics of juggling, discrete geometry, and generally mathematics of fun things.

Among other things, Steve Butler has performed eight perfect faro shuffles in under a minute, and is willing to show how to do perfect shuffles to anyone who stops by his office. While there they can also learn about juggling and work on various sized Rubik's cubes.

A news story about a mathematics of juggling class.

A news story about a paper on Egyptian fractions giving me an Erdos number of one.

Math REU programs      The Combinatorics Foundation
50 years of the Hales-Jewett Theorem
Great Plains Combinatorics Conference 2016     Networked life
Connections in Discrete Mathematics     MIGHTY LIII
Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics
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Graduate students:
  • Kristin Heysse; Ph.D. Spring 2017
    Dissertation: Constructions for cospectral graphs for the normalized Laplacian matrix and distance matrix.
  • Jephian Chin-Hung Lin (joint student with Leslie Hogben); Ph.D. Spring 2017
    Dissertation: Variants of zero forcing and their applications to the minimum rank.
  • Kevin Moss (joint student with Bernard Lidicky); Ph.D. Spring 2017.
  • Steven Osborne (joint student with Leslie Hogben); Ph.D. Fall 2013
    Dissertation: Cospectral bipartite graphs for the normalized Laplacian.

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