Mathematics 273: Introduction to Scientific Computing

INSTRUCTOR:     Dr. Roger Alexander
                Associate Professor of Mathematics
OFFICE:		444 Carver  
PHONE:		(515) (29)4-7579
E-MAIL:		alex at iastate dot edu

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WWW: Student Learning Objectives for Math 273: [PostScript] [Acrobat] TEXT: Charles F. Van Loan, Introduction to Scientific Computing, 2nd Edition. (Text for CS 222 -- Introduction to Scientific Computation in the Cornell University Computer Science Department.) Math 273 at ISU covers material from Chapters 1, 2, and 5-9. Follow the link to a text file errata list. Make these corrections in your copy of the text. Visit the Examples directory for sample programs and solutions provided by your instructor.

You are responsible for consulting the Math 273 calendar for reading and homework assignments and exam dates.


Your course grade will be determined from (the percentages are subject to adjustment):

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