MA 166 - Calculus II (Spring, 2014)

Lecture: MWF 11:00-11:50 PM, Carver 0001 (Instructor: Adrian Jenkins)

Office:My office is Carver 459.

Office Hours:
M 12:30-1:30 PM, W 12:30-2:30 PM
My personal office hours are on a drop-in basis.

Text: Thomas' Calculus (Twelfth Edition) + MML PLUS

Course Syllabus: You can find the course syllabus here.

Description: This is the second semester of what is generally a three-semester calculus curriculum, given at most universities. This semester will focus on techniques of integration, including so-called "improper" integrals. We will also explore infinite series, as well as parametric equations and polar coordinates.

The mathematics department has given general syllabi for the calculus curriculum on the calculus webpage. Notice that old midterms and finals can also be found on this page, so use this resource as you see fit. Finally, I want to draw particular attention to the calculus II objectives. I will be using these objectives when constructing my own exams, and the department will also use these objectives when writing the departmental midterm and final. If you find yourself having trouble with the stated goals here, please see either your TA or me so that we can remedy the situation.

Grading: Your grade will be determined by a variety of factors, each with different weights :

50% or 60%- Midterm Exams: There will be four midterm exams this semester. One of these will be given to all Math 165 students in the department. In preparing for exams, you should obviously work all problems that you can. I will often give exercises and suggested problems in class - make sure you are working these in addition to your MML+ work.

25% or 15%- Final Exam: The final exam is cumulative, and its date and time is determined by the university.

15% - Homework: Your homework will be submitted via computer, using the MyLabs+ program. More details can be found in the syllabus.

10% - Recitation:Your recitation grade will be based on attendance and participation. The exact nature of the participation is to be determined by your TA.

Remark: Your final grade will be on a curve for this semester. This curve is finalized at the end of the semester. It is impossible to give exact breakdowns of percentages at the moment. However, the following percentages guarantee the respective grades:
89% A-
78% B-
67% C-
56% D-

Exam 1: The first midterm exam will be Monday, February 3. This exam will be given during our normal class time.

Exam 2: The departmental midterm exam will be held during the seventh week of class. This exam is common to all sections of Calculus II, and will be held in a different room. YOU MUST BRING A CALCULATOR TO THIS EXAM!
Exam 3: The third midterm exam date is TBA. This exam will be given during our normal class time.

Exam 4: The fourth midterm exam date is TBA. This exam will be given during our normal class time.

Final Exam: The final exam date and time will be announced later, by the university. Remember that this exam must be taken and cannot be dropped.

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